The story of getting a film made ........again!


What is the point of no return, getting half way down a road and getting that sinking feeling that you should have taken a different turn. Changing career two, three or more times in a working life is not considered extraordinary, especially these days. A lot of people will do it because, quite simply demand for their skill-set has evaporated. Others may become bored with what they do to pay the bills and can still find sufficient motivation to re-skill and start again. In my own case it was a matter of heeding a impulse that was always there, certainly from my teens, but through circumstance and whatever else, it just never happened. That is until I realised no one was going to come knocking on my door saying “hey, here’s some money…go make a film”.

Figuring I had to make up lost time, I wrote a feature script “Harbour” and sent it in the Film Board. Two years in the writing and it got turned down. So I wrote another script “Winter’s End” this time specifically designed so that it could be made on next to no money – and yes again it was turned down. So it was time for plan B. With the help of many people and exceptional commitment from a dedicated few, “Winter’s End” was filmed with a Canon XL1 on miniDV. A lot more info about this film can be found here. Editing at home with Adobe Premier Pro on a PC at night, in four months I had a 20 minute excerpt. With this we applied for completion funding and failed to secure. At a meeting with IFB execs, we were encouraged to finish the assembly and make another application. So 10 months later another application was sent to IFB, this time with a successful outcome.

“Winter’s End” reached conclusion in 2005. In the same year it featured in the Galway Film Fleadh and was nominated for Best Actress and Best Music in a feature film winning in the later category. In the following year awards were won from Los Angeles to Mumbai and screened by RTE 2 in February 2008.

Since then I have been busy studying the craft of script writing and making a short film whenever resources allow.

“In God’s Garden” (aka “Faithless”) is a feature script I have been developing for the past couple of years. A producer is attached and a successful application for MEDIA development funding has financed much of that process working with one of the best script editors in the business Laurie Hutzler.

This blog will track  “In God’s Garden” and it’s journey to the screen, the ups and downs, twists and turns which is invariably a different story for every film. I hope you join me by checking in regularly.