The story of getting a film made ........again!


The beginnings of “Faithless” (previously known as “In God’s Garden) go back to 2006 when soon after “Winter’s End” was completed and let loose on the festival circuit, I took a story called “Harbour” to IFB. It was felt that a project such as this would require a budget in excess of €5m and since I had only completed the tiny budgeted rural drama “Winter’s End”, a leap of this magnitude wasn’t realistic as it would be very difficult if not impossible to finance. Bearing in mind that “Harbour” was a project that predated “Winter’s End” and was a story I had a strong affinity with, to say I was disappointed is understating it. But I was encouraged to come up with something that could be produced on a budget of about €2m.

Driving home that evening, a character I had been kicking around came to mind, a guilt ridden 40 something loner who lived on the grounds of a convent and drank too much. Carrying out manual labour for his hosts, he kept to their rule of no alcohol by sleeping rough when he did drink. While still in outline form I approached various producers, eventually securing the interest of one. Through several years of treatments, character breakdowns, drafting and redrafting, we secured development funding from MEDIA and took on the services of a script editor highly regarded in the global industry.

Today the script is at an advanced stage of development and it has been decided to put it through Script Pimp which should happen in the next couple of weeks. As many will know in screen writing their are literally hundreds of online script development services out there, yet of the few respected by the industry, Script Pimp is one. When that process has been completed the script, we believe will be market ready and time to move it toward production. As that process unfolds, I will keep this blog updated with posts. Here goes…….

Faithless – Logline


“In God Garden” is the noir tale of Frank Quinn, a guilt ridden recluse. When his estranged older brother Vincent commits suicide in the face of mountainous debts, payment demanded of his widow by a crime lord and their 12 yr old daughter held ransom, Frank is drawn into a dark conspiracy from which their may be no return.

Faithless – Tagline


What would it take to make the worst mistake of your life….a second time?