The story of getting a film made ........again!

Hello world!

Although it may appear this blog will be exclusively about film, that’s not the case. It is true that film would be my primary interest, both viewing and the making of,  however I will take the opportunity to muse on many things that impact on all of us right now.

One essential question which I intend to explore is “What’s wrong with Irish film”? There is one fundemental measure of the demise of Irish film in the eyes of the Irish audience and that’s bums on seats. A collapse of 70%+ in home box office for home product since 2007 demands to be explored at a time when overall cinema attendance is on the rise. I can find very little of where that is happening online at any rate.

In many fields of the arts and creativity, Irish practitioners stand shoulder to shoulder with their peers across the globe, and although there have been random breakout success’ in recent years in Irish cinema, they unfortunately prove to be the exception to the rule.

The other purpose of this blog is to track the journey of a feature project “In God’s Garden” (aka “Faithless”) to the screen. Getting this film made is a very serious intention, but it will also serve as a prism through which to scatter the light and uncover the pitfalls and tribulations as well as the unexpected delights to be found on that path. Either way, if nothing else it will serve as a map to those setting out, hopefully with not too many areas displaying the warning “Here be Monsters”.

I look forward to your comments and participation.

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