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Script Pipeline notes on “In God’s Garden”

Recently, the film’s producer and I debated where we would go to further develop the script of “In God’s Garden” which right now is at an advanced stage and considered by the Film Board to be an accomplished script. Not so long ago Yahoo used to host a film industry chat show called “Shoot Out” hosted by two heavy hitters Peter Guber and Peter Bart. All aspects of the industry were up for dissection and discussion, bringing in some of the biggest names in the business from screenwriters to directors, producers, agents etc. On one particular show the subject up for discussion was writers and how to gain a foothold in the business. Interacting with professional and knowledgeable script editors was seen as a priority and Script Pimp (Pipeline) was mentioned in very favourable terms.

This week we got the notes back from Script Pipeline. They were incisive and insightful and made a point of highlighting the existing strengths of the script in terms of it’s unique take on an popular genre, it’s strong marketable qualities and given another draft or two could prove to be very attractive to a strong cast.

More importantly than that though, they provided me with a road map of where the script could be tightened and strengthened, recognising that a very strong narrative was already at play with believable characters. They drew particular attention to the quality of the dialogue in the script.

A little while ago I wrote a post about readers reports and views of drama analyst Yves Lavandier on the subject. These notes from Script Pipeline are a prime example of how they should be compiled. Taking care to point to the strengths that already exist while at the same time offering notes on a new draft that never seek to undermine a belief in one’s own abilities.

Over the next few weeks I will be absorbing those notes and working on a new draft or maybe two. Come the New Year, we intend to have a script which will attract both a quality cast and production finance.

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