The story of getting a film made ........again!

Short film or feature length?

Whether to make a short film or go for broke (hopefully not literally on maxed out credit cards) with a feature length film is a question filmmakers often wrestle with and like everything else, there are pros and cons for either route to building a career. Some consider short films to be an art form in themselves and I would agree and many filmmakers have kick started successful careers with a short. In addition, short films are the best way of learning the process and language of filmmaking, in my opinion far ahead of film school, courses and books. From the point of view of recouping costs, that unfortunately is a non-runner, so there’s no business model here. The downside of shorts is that there are so many of them, now that the tools are so cheap, there are people making very inventive and creative films on their phones and then there’s YouTube, Google Video, Vimeo etc, so getting your creation seen couldn’t be easier. Getting noticed however is something else and that means your short has to be nothing less than outstanding. A short can also demonstrate a voice different to the crowd and that in itself is a worthwhile exercise. Making a short is never a waste of time provided you make the best film you can.

One of the commonest reasons why filmmakers decide to make a feature length film is exactly that, to stand out from the crowd and I have admit that was true in my own case. It’s a legitimate reason, but so many other things have to be considered when taking this route. This post is the first of a series which will explore those questions and if it proves helpful to anyone taking this road then all the better.

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